Mercury – the virtual assistant that will change your life

October 4, 2021 0 Comments

More and more elements of technology are beginning to get involved in the life of companies and make them more productive, more efficient and more practical from various points of view. There are now restaurants that involve minimal interaction with staff, museums that no longer need a guide and many other elements that take the place that have adapted to the new technical requirements and are incredibly successful. However, a certain aspect is not really to be followed, namely the introduction of virtual assistants who can do more than we expect and who can facilitate communication between the company and the client in the simplest possible way. From this point of view, there are several solutions that you can use to be among those who trust technology and who are looking for solutions for its development. Advanced Robotics is perhaps one of the best examples in this regard, because they recently introduced the Mercurio assistant, which has already managed to conquer a multitude of companies, becoming the main element in supporting consumers and customers.

Team ready for any situation

Although they have not appeared on the market for a very long time, the people from Advanced Robotics have distinguished themselves in this field by an extraordinary seriousness and by a professionalism with which you can only gain. They have an excellent technological preparation and can streamline the installation process, doing everything in a very fluent way. Moreover, they are ready to answer all your questions and make all the necessary changes, so that you are the one who is satisfied with the results obtained in the end, and your business grows without interruption.

Lots of satisfied customers

Advanced Robotisc Mercurio is the main product they developed based on artificial intelligence technology and was created to meet a diverse number of needs that people might have in terms of customer service and support. them. From a functional point of view, it proved to be incredibly efficient, already conquering several well-known companies in Romania. At the moment, Mercurio is used by MobExpert and Sony, and the possibility of expansion is certainly very high.

Virtual assistants for various areas of activity

If we are tempted to believe that this kind of technology is dedicated to more technical fields, then it is good to know that Mercury can be used successfully in the case of other companies. Whether we are talking about cafes, sporting goods stores or construction materials, there is always room for improvement in terms of costumer services, and now, this can be left to a virtual assistant.

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